Mariah Mills Gass

Designer and Owner of MMD Gallery

Graphic Design

Anything worth saying should be said and done well, along with great designs and effective communication that can be accomplished.
I studied graphic design and participated in engaging projects, competitions and created designs for commission ranging from printed and digital graphics, branding and advertising -  tshirt designs, graphic illustration, advertisements, logos and more. I enjoy the design process from initial inspiration to the final product. I am meticulous about the details and professional quality and I'm very intentional about communicating the message well. The initial process is hand sketches and/or images of inspiration followed by drafts and communication to make sure we have a great design we both can be proud of.

Fashion Design

In 2013, I completed my BFA in Fashion Design, during this time I learned how interrelated graphic design and fashion design are. From the advertising to the creation of your own graphics and prints for your designs, to the illustrated collections with the technical flats and the mood boards with your color palette, inspiration and insight into your collection. Although I am using a different canvas in fashion, I love that fact that no canvas is alike, each body is different and uniquely designed. Which means each piece I create will never be the same and gives the wearer an opportunity to add their own expression by simply being themselves not morphing into a branded mold. In the near future I am working towards producing my own brand collections for men, women and children.

Phillippa Wheech | Design Client - Eyes of Bimini Photography and Chic Store
“Thank you, so blessed to have met you. I’m thankful for an awesome collaboration. You have done a great job for me!”

Abraham Metellus | Friend and Previous Volunteer Leader - Manager for the City of Miami
“As a volunteer at Christ Fellowship, Mariah exceeded my expectations. She has gone above and beyond and is committed to excellence.”

Akeem Powell | Friend and Previous Co-Worker
“Mariah is a very dedicated worker. She meets customers expectations and deadlines. In addition she’s very detailed, always on time and she works well with both her team members and management. As her supervisor she takes constructive criticism very well and immediately you’ll see the changes. Overall Mariah is one of those team members you can always count on.”