MMD ToolBox of Gifts are design tools (visual reference cards) that can assist you as you create. These downloadable visual reference cards define terms, provide design tips and some of the things I’ve learned along the way. Save them, share them, apply them…

What is branding-mmd.jpg

WHAT IS BRanding?

Question: What is Branding

Answer: A uniform look for how you will identify the brand (yourself) on all platforms (print & digital)

How: (Logo) displaying your logo with clarity and consistency + (Design) establishing “the feel”



Question: How to minimize white space and create the perception of a floor or a surface when an object is placed on a white background?

Answer: Adding a shadow is a simple way to give the perception of an invisible floor

How: Be creative you can use shadows or reflection to give the perception of a surface…be creative!

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Coming soon!

Keep an eye out for the next Design Tool to save and share and apply.