Graphic Design Experience

  • Logo Design and Branding

  • Corporate Identity - Logo, Letterhead, Business Cards, Envelope

  • Tradeshow Marketing Materials and Artwork Design for Booth Display Materials

  • Various forms of Printed and Digital Advertising (but not limited too):

    • Large Format Designs - Large Banners and Ads

    • Book Cover Design

    • Booklet, Magazine Layout and Design

    • Magazine & Newspaper Ads

    • Newsletters - Print & Digital

    • Illustration

    • Invitations

    • Postcards, Flyers, Banners

    • Website (Intermediate experience)

      Provide creative direction and work with you to select your design (Incorporate your branding and create the digital designs for placement onto the website). As well as setup your domain name and hosting website account.

Creative Consultant

  • Assist in providing creative direction for your design needs

    • Helping you create and finalize designs that will be relevant and effective for your design needs.

    • Meet up weekly to discuss ideas, review created drafts, assist with sourcing and finalize the designs.

    • Created design files will be provided to you in an organized manner so that you may confidently use them to as needed for your design needs.

Fashion Experience

  • Digital Apparel Design - Graphics for Apparel, Textiles, Technical Flats Illustrations

  • Fashion Apparel and Accessory Collection Illustration

Software Experience

  • Abode CC - Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Spark

  • Microsoft Office - Word, Powerpoint, Excel

  • Pages, Keynote, Numbers

  • Mailchimp digital newsletters

Professional Skills

  • Management and Organization

  • Communications

  • Efficient Team Member

  • Self Sufficient

  • Experienced with working remotely

Creative Expansion (2019 Target Goals)

  • Adobe After Effects - teaching myself so that I can incorporate motion animation into my designs.

    • Logo designs

    • Advertisements

    • Animating additional digital designs

  • Painting (Watercolor) - teaching myself greater watercolor painting skills to strengthen myself