GIVING BACK | Logo Design

It’s awesome to give back and help do great things for others. The opportunity to help out the students at Tuskegee University was a fun and awesome project to be apart of! Glad to join them in their efforts to help animals through medicine and love. Looking forward to seeing all they will do with their fun and vibrant logo.


Designer Chatter | Logo Design Process

1. Maintaining the University’s color scheme

Maroon and Golden Yellow
This allowed the logo to remain uniform with the collegiate color scheme. I also considered using this approach to represent the club at events or activities off campus.

2. Clean and minimal design

To present a fresh look that was professional and fun. This logo has more text than usual, so proper placement allowed for a clear and easy to understand logo.

3. Combination Logo

This logo has several different layout options to accommodate for various layout purposes. It is really important to consider this so that a logo will work well in vertical or horizontal placement. This logo can also easily interchange for use as a single color logo, which can help with printing costs. The designs above display the logo used in a different layout.

4. Love

I know that animal shelters have many perceptions, and their logo needed to clearly communicate how they are joining the shelters in their efforts. As a shelter medicine club their focus is helping animals in need.

5. Reflecting the message of love in the design:

• Keeping it round - I used rounded fonts and rounded edges as much as possible. Pointed edges seemed to harsh and impersonal. However rounded edges gives a soft, approachable and embraced feeling. This is what they are about.

• Subtraction - By giving the shelter the solid fill, this allowed the animals to project clearly and vibrantly. The subtraction also integrates the animals with a strong projection into any background they are placed on.

• Heart - No need for explanation, the heart coming from the chimney makes you think of home and closeness. The shelter serves many animals, and it’s awesome to see them find their forever home. Until then they can experience love from warm hearts bringing happiness and health.