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Mariah Mills Gass

Founder and Designer of MMD Gallery

mmD | Mariah Mills Design 

MY Mission

Create with purpose. Make great art. Quality and Details. Steward the gift I have been given. Work hard to make creating my life long job. Taking the risk of becoming an entrepreuner. Creating beautiful things, truly what I could do forever and never get paid. Help others through my creativity. Daily unearthing the Why behind the Who.

educational Achievements

Graphic Design

Anything worth saying should be spoken well. This two sided coin consists of effective communication combined with great visual designs. We are a visual people, if the design is not speaking well the message is never heard. My greatest efforts are directed towards communicating the message well.

I enjoy the design process from the initial consultation, inspiration and ideas, brainstorming and drafting. I am meticulous about the details and professional quality. I aim to make sure we have a great design we both can be proud of.

Fashion Design

I enjoy how interrelated graphic design and fashion design are. From the advertising, to the graphics and prints, to the illustrated collections, technical flats, mood boards and color palettes.

Fashion presents art on a different canvas, and no canvas is alike, each body is different and uniquely designed. Which means each piece I create, gives the wearer an opportunity to add their own expression by simply being themselves, not morphing into a branded mold. In the near future I am working towards producing my own collections for men, women and children.

Banner image courtesy of Yousef Espanioly on Unsplash