I appreciate the kind words of those I have been fortunate to know professionally and personally

phillippa wheech

Design Client - Eyes of Bimini Photography and Chic Store
“Thank you, so blessed to have met you. I’m thankful for an awesome collaboration. You have done a great job for me!”


Friend and Previous Volunteer Leader - Manager for the City of Miami
“As a volunteer at Christ Fellowship, Mariah exceeded my expectations. She has gone above and beyond and is committed to excellence.”


Friend and Previous Co-Worker
“Mariah is a very dedicated worker. She meets customers’ expectations and deadlines. In addition she’s very detailed, always on time and she works well with both her team members and management. As her supervisor she takes constructive criticism very well and immediately you’ll see the changes. Overall Mariah is one of those team members you can always count on.”

shavon jones

Design Client - Founder of Sec Outsourcing
“Mariah was a marketing intern in 2012-13. Later, she handled graphic design projects for my clients and myself on a freelance basis.” “I still go back to Mariah for projects even though I have interns.”